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How to change a kitchen mixer tap

To change a kitchen mixer tap, you will need to gather a few tools and materials

  1. New mixer tap

  2. Adjustable wrench

  3. Screwdriver

  4. Pliers

  5. Rags or paper towel

Here are the steps to follow

  1. Shut off the water supply to the kitchen mixer tap. This is typically done by turning the valve clockwise located under the sink.

  2. Place a towel or bucket under the tap to catch any water that may be left in the pipes.

  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws that hold the old mixer tap in place. The mounting screws are typically located on the underside of the tap.

  4. Once the mounting screws are loose, gently pull the old mixer tap away from the sink.

  5. Disconnect the water supply lines from the back of the old mixer tap. The water supply lines are the flexible hoses that connect the tap to the water supply. You can use a pair of pliers to loosen the hose clamps that secure the lines to the tap.

  6. Install the new mixer tap by reversing the steps you followed to remove the old one. Make sure to insert the new mixer tap through the holes in the sink and align the mounting holes

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