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We provide Emergency Plumbers and Plumbing Services in your area.

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Weston Coyney

Thank you for fixing the leaking stopcock. I was in a panic and Steve did a great job. Highly recommended.



Cannot recommend them enough, we had a leak from our upstairs bathroom into the lounge. Although it was a big job and the floor had to be taken up to fix it. It was fixed in under 3 hours. Very impressed!

M. Hussain


Thanks for the good work.

Mr. Wain


Thank you for sorting out the leak from my tenants radiator. Good fast response.



Fixed my leak, all good thanks. 🙂 xxx



I thought I was going to pay a lot when I saw the problem. I had been quoted over £200 per hour by other companies! Steve came out with 15 minutes and the leak was fixed within the hour. Great job and great price!

Jim B.


Great job fixing the water pressure problem on my combi boiler.

Mrs J. Banbury

Rough Close

I could not find my stopcock to turn the water off and was in a right panic. Alan quickly helped and he managed to fix it. Lovely man! Thank you.


Emergency Plumbing Services late nights and weekends. Call us now.

Water Leak Detect and Repair

Stop Tap Repair and Replacement

Ballcock Replacement

Tap Replacement

And much more.....Call us to discuss your problem


Because we are experienced in Emergency Plumbing, we can quickly diagnose your problem.


We offer upfront pricing information. Our Plumbers won't charge you extra once the job is complete.


We cover the whole of the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire area, giving you a fast local service.


Our work comes with a 12 month guarantee. We pride ourselves on doing a great job.

Our Emergency Plumbing rates are £90 per hour plus any parts used. The first hour is charged regardless of the time involved. Further work is charged in 30 minute increments.

*£30 call out charge applied between 5pm and 9am Monday to Friday, Weekends and Bank Holidays


Plumber arrives at 9pm and completes the job at 10.10pm using £25 worth of materials. The total charge will be £190.

“So you contacted our emergency plumbing service and the plumber is on his way - What should you do while you wait for him to arrive?”

If you have been unsuccessful in shutting off the water supply at the stop tap (usually located under your kitchen sink) or you can’t find it, try the following…

  • Most people will have a stopcock or stop tap at the front of their house, it will be about six inches round or square, made of plastic or iron and will say STWA on the face of it . Try to open this and see if you can reach the tap below to turn the water off, remember to turn the tap clockwise to turn it off.
  • If you just can’t turn the water off for whatever reason, then run all other sink taps, showers, bath taps, ouside taps and keep flushing your toilet or toilets constantly, this will reduce water flow where the leak is and cause less damage until the emergency plumber arrives.


Emergency Plumber

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All our Plumbers are fully qualified in Plumbing and timed served apprenticeships. 



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Local Emergency Plumber Stoke-on-Trent

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbers and Emergency Plumbing

Here at emergency plumber we provide quick and affordable emergency plumbing for the Stoke-on-Trent area and beyond. No matter how small or large your emergency plumbing needs are, we will always aim to be with you within 60 minutes or your enquiry.

We are a local emergency plumbing service in Stoke.

What is an Emergency Plumbing problem?

Everyone has a different view of what an emergency plumber does, in our experience, an emergency plumbing problem can be anything from a dripping tap, to an uncontrollable leak through your ceiling or a leak from a radiator.

Because we are small local emergency plumbing business, we do not have the need for a large call centre and you will get the advantage of speaking directly to a plumber who can quickly assess your problem and advise on what to do next.


Many people think that emergency plumbing is expensive. Here at emergency plumber we keep our costs affordable. Our fixed rate cost for our work is £90 per hour plus the cost of any parts used. Any subsequent work carried out beyond the first hour is charged at £45 per half hour. Therefore a job which takes 80 minutes to complete will cost £135 plus the cost of any parts and a job which takes 25 minutes to complete will cost £90 plus the costs of any parts involved. We always try to give you a rough estimate of the time involved before carrying out any plumbing repairs on your home or business.

Thing you can do to avoid using an emergency plumber

Always ensure you can completely shut off the water in your home and business. We all know this is a job we never get round to doing, but it is important to know where your stopcock is located and that you can turn the water off in case of an emergency.


Emergency Plumbers - Home or Business Insurance

In the event that your emergency plumbing problem causes substantial damage to your property, we can provide you with detailed receipts and invoices to forward to your insurance company.

Emergency Plumbing Materials

We always carry an extensive amount of tools and parts on our vans, it is very unusual for us to be unable to complete any minor leaks or repairs.